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I love the fact that Rin used to talk about Haru to every fucking person he knew… his family, his friends, people in Australia… It’s like he was going around saying “Hi, I’m Rin, nice to meet you! Did I mention this one guy…”

Nice, Matsuoka.

*knock* *knock* Excuse me sir Do you have time to talk about our Lord and Savior, Haruka Nanase?

"Hey Haru , I Told You I've always admired  you ,right?"
"without you , i have nothing to aim for , you know?"

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I brought you to Australia because there’s something I absolutely have to show you.

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Meet Russell and Lori, Rin’s homestay parents & Haruka experts

Haru: How do they know that?
Rin: Uh, well...